3 teams Carolina Panthers must outbid for WR help as free agency heats up

The competition for wide receiver help will be fierce.

Aaron Rodgers
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Carolina Panthers must outbid NY Jets

Things looked so promising for the New York Jets before the 2023 campaign began. They'd finally got themselves a franchise quarterback capable of spearheading a potential Super Bowl bid after a bombshell offseason trade. Their young defense was stacked and the offense looked capable of making improvements with Aaron Rodgers leading the charge. It all came crashing down in the blink of an eye.

With the national television audience watching on, Rodgers lasted a few snaps on his first drive in Week 1 before tearing his Achilles. The four-time NFL MVP tried hard to get back much sooner than expected, but there didn't seem much point as the Jets' season imploded down the stretch.

Rodgers is going to be healthy in 2024, so expect the hype to build once again. But there is a dire need for those in power to surround the veteran signal-caller with more accomplished wide receivers. As it stands currently, only Garrett Wilson can be considered as a viable starting option.

The Carolina Panthers have a quarterback of their own to help for very different reasons. But if they end up competing with the Jets for wide receiver targets in free agency, the allure of Gang Green's win-now mindset given Rodgers' advancing years will be tough to overcome.