3 telling quotes from Carolina Panthers on 2023 QB draft targets

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Carolina Panthers on Bryce Young

Few quarterbacks have entered the NFL in recent years with the credentials Bryce Young brings to the table. The Heisman Trophy winner's two seasons starting at Alabama were littered with individual and team accomplishments, which makes him an intriguing option for the Carolina Panthers at No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Young's processing and ability to improvise sets him apart. The prospect can make almost every throw with comfort, maneuvering his arm to find the correct seams and put his playmakers in the best possible positions to thrive. 

One glaring concern surrounding Young centers on his durability. His slender build and lack of height are on the low side, even though players like Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, and Kyler Murray have bucked the trend in recent years.

When asked about the issue, Scott Fitterer stated it would be discussed. But it would not take precedence over other exceptional attributes associated with the player.

"He was so well-spoken, so well thought-out. When he talked about his preparation, when he talked about how he studies, how he sees the game, he's at a different level. He's already at that NFL level, which is great to see. Nothing's too big for him. Like, he can walk into any environment and be in total control."

Scott Fitterer via Panthers.com

This is coming up a ton and is likely to do so until the draft rolls around. While it's a potential worry, one could argue that any quarterback is one big hit away from long-term complications - that's just the nature of the beast. 

What the Panthers have to figure out is whether Young is worth the risk.