3 things Carolina Panthers fans want to see from Bryce Young in Preseason Week 2

What could we see from the No. 1 pick at MetLife Stadium?
Bryce Young
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Bryce Young gets a chance to go through progressions more frequently

Bryce Young didn't have time to read the field or show what he can truly do as any NFL quarterback last time out. Even in a vanilla offense for the preseason, the former Alabama star was simply running for his life and attempting to make the quick throws as pressure from the New York Jets came quickly.

That isn't on Young. But blame can be placed on the coaching staff and most obviously the offensive line in front of him.

There are reasons for concern with the offensive line. Overreacting to one preseason game would be a mistake, but if there are back-to-back games of Young being under constant duress, the concern ticks up a bit for a Carolina Panthers team playing with a quarterback that isn't typically built to take consistent NFL punishment.

Young is a great signal-caller and more than worthy of being the first name called during the 2023 NFL Draft. But the one concern people have is the size issue and whether or not he will be able to hold up to punishment.

No quarterback will stay healthy with the level of play we saw from the Panthers' offensive line last week - let alone properly run an offense. All eyes will be on Carolina's protection early in this one at the New York Giants.