3 things Carolina Panthers fans want to see from Bryce Young in Preseason Week 2

What could we see from the No. 1 pick at MetLife Stadium?
Bryce Young
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Bryce Young needs to show chemistry veteran targets

The one obvious downside of landing Bryce Young following a bombshell trade with the Chicago Bears is the loss of D.J. Moore. Through bad quarterback play and poor coaching, the one consistent part of the offense the Carolina Panthers could count on in seasons past is no longer around.

This is a team that now lacks one clear alpha target. However, they do boast a myriad of great secondary options following a frantic period of recruitment over free agency and the 2023 NFL Draft.

The bulk of chemistry will obviously be built in practice and the time spent together during the regular season. However, Panthers fans would like to see Young demonstrate improved chemistry with his top targets as a sign that Frank Reich and Thomas Brown's offense will be consistent and cohesive - even without Moore as a primary target.

It is also fair to temper expectations for Young a bit considering the lack of an elite receiver. As we have seen from Trevor Lawrence, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, and Jalen Hurts, it takes patience and time to adjust to this level.

While all four aforementioned quarterbacks showed flashes of being good early on, it was the addition of a top receiver that cemented their status as top quarterbacks in this league. Whether the Panthers have one on their roster ready to emerge or need to go after a prominent veteran next spring remains to be seen.