3 things Carolina Panthers fans want to see from Bryce Young in Preseason Week 2

What could we see from the No. 1 pick at MetLife Stadium?

Bryce Young
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Bryce Young sitting on the bench before halftime

Carolina Panthers fans want to see better protection and growth from their rookie quarterback. But there is also a need for this team to save the hits for when they matter.

Even if the protection is better for Bryce Young in the second week of the preseason, how much he'll play remains to be seen. Frank Reich stated he'll start again, but it's unlikely to be anything more than a few series all things considered.

Even with Andy Dalton as a capable backup, the fate of the season rests on what Young is or isn't as a rookie. The Panthers are going to have to balance getting the Heisman Trophy winner reps and building chemistry while also making sure that there is little chance of an injury happening during a game that doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.

Carolina opens the season on the road against the Atlanta Falcons in what could serve as a tone-setting game for the NFC South race. That should be the first time that Young plays a complete game with the Panthers - not over the next two warmup outings.

Limiting snaps in both of their final preseason matchups allows Young to get in rhythm while limiting the risks. That's a win-win at this stage of his development.