3 tough cuts the Carolina Panthers could make after 2023 preseason finale

There are some difficult decisions awaiting the Carolina Panthers after tonight's preseason game.

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Giovanni Ricci - Carolina Panthers FB/TE

There aren't many roster predictions surrounding the Carolina Panthers that don't include Giovanni Ricci currently. He's a dependable option and versatile enough to play in two spots if needed, so the benefits of taking him through onto their initial 53 are here for all to see.

However, there is also a flip side to this coin.

Ricci is seen as something of a full-back specialist rather than someone who can impact the passing game consistently as a tight end. That is a dying breed in the NFL, so much will depend on how Frank Reich and Thomas Brown perceive his role compared to others that could perhaps help Bryce Young out more.

If the Panthers need a full-back, why not use someone like Ian Thomas or Tommy Tremble when the situation dictates? This also leaves the possibility of adding to another position group or giving Stephen Sullivan a shot, who's done well throughout the preparation period.

Whether this is something the Panthers contemplate is another matter. Ricci's proven his worth since arriving as an undrafted free agent in 2020, even if the ceiling is relatively low in terms of overall impact.

Perhaps the Panthers will play it safe and keep Ricci around. Sullivan's physical profile and noticeable improvements are the wildcards in this scenario, so it could all come down to who shines most during their time on the preseason field against the Detroit Lions later on tonight.