3 trade moves that could make the Carolina Panthers playoff contenders in 2023

- An NFC South rival

- A productive pass-rusher

- Physically imposing WR

Mike Williams
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Carolina Panthers could trade for Mike Evans

Mike Evans has been a familiar face for Carolina Panthers fans over the years. The wide receiver's amassed more than 1,200 career receiving yards against them and had a 200-yard game in a division-clinching matchup last season.

As things currently stand, there isn’t a receiver nearly as decorated or talented as Evans on Carolina's roster. The former Texas A&M Aggie has more than 10,000 receiving yards and a Super Bowl on his resume - credentials worthy of Pro Football Hall of Fame consideration with a strong end to his playing career.

Evans is one of the few bigger receivers in the NFL that can win everywhere on the route tree. He tormented the Panthers in Week 17 last time around, taking advantage of Jaycee Horn's absence to clinch another NFC South title.

If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are unable to come to an extension with the star receiver, the Panthers may be able to pry him from a division rival for a late-round pick. This is provided that they agree to an extension after the deal.

Would it help? Undoubtedly. But the chances of Tampa Bay contemplating this sort of move is remote.