3 unforgivable 2024 NFL Draft mistakes the Carolina Panthers must resist

These mistakes would simply be inexcusable.
Dan Morgan and Dave Canales
Dan Morgan and Dave Canales / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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Not at least double-dipping at WR

The listed starters on the Carolina Panthers' wide receiver depth chart according to ESPN are Diontae Johnson, Adam Thielen, and Jonathan Mingo. The unit is slightly better than it was at this point last year thanks in no small part to Dan Morgan's trade with the Pittsburgh Steelers to land the former Pro Bowler heading into the final year of his deal.

However, the room is mostly filled with secondary/complimentary pieces. It does not have a true difference-maker capable of becoming an alpha at the position. Something quarterback Bryce Young desperately needs to take his game to new heights.

For the Panthers, wide receiver is still an urgent need. It's no surprise that wherever you look in recent history, most young, developing quarterbacks had a playmaker with WR1 credentials to help their development. Teams are investing more and more resources into pass-catching units, and for good reason.

Using Pro Football Network's mock draft simulator, I fired up a scenario and came away with two wide receivers for the team. Georgia's Ladd McConkey at pick No. 33 and Florida State's Johnny Wilson at pick No. 101. No matter how you slice it, the Panthers have a big enough need to take at least two talented wideout prospects from an exceptionally deep class.

If Morgan and Dave Canales decide to double-dip for wide receiver help at picks No. 65 and No. 141, that could work, too. The point here is that Young's development gets a lot clearer and potentially reaches its peak if the team provides him with a WR1.

Throwing more darts at the board gives you a greater chance at a bullseye. This is a tremendous draft for any team that needs help at wide receiver. Unfortunately, some of the elite-level prospects might be long gone by the time Carolina goes on the clock at No. 33 overall.