3 ways Carolina Panthers can avoid disaster during the 2024 NFL Draft

Dan Morgan
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Carolina Panthers must not panic

It's easy for teams and front-office figures to become overawed and panic during the draft. Remaining calm amid the chaos is paramount to successfully coming out of the selection event with more positives than negatives.

For all of Scott Fitterer's experience in draft war rooms and scouting processes during his time with the Seattle Seahawks, there was a distinct lack of poise when it came to his approach. The Carolina Panthers suffered greatly as a result.

Whether it was reaching for Terrace Marshall Jr. so the New Orleans Saints couldn't get the wide receiver one pick later in 2021 or panicking by sacrificing additional assets to trade up for edge rusher D.J. Johnson in the third round last year, it was a mess more often than not.

It reeked of desperation and became too reactionary. The former general manager wheeled and dealt up or down the board often, but it didn't have the desired effect for the most part.

Dan Morgan got a first-hand look at Fitterer's indifferent draft ethos over the last three years. While the new man in charge was complicit in the team's failings, lessons must be taken on board in pursuit of better fortunes.

Morgan should be watching how the first round unfolds with great interest. The Panthers are going to be busy early on Day 2 with two early second-round selections to call upon. They must make composed, collaborative decisions and play their board effectively. Anything less will see the same old complications arise.