3 ways Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young can build on positive preseason in Week 1

Bryce Young plays his first competitive NFL game this weekend.
Bryce Young
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Bryce Young must not be a hero

There will be an eagerness for Bryce Young to stamp his mark on his first regular-season NFL game. But playing hero ball is not what the Carolina Panthers require from their new face of the franchise.

The Panthers are obviously leaving no stone unturned in devising a game plan to exploit the Atlanta Falcons' weaknesses. They have arguably the most prolific coaching staff anywhere in the league, so there needs to be a strong element of trust from Young that they'll have everything ready to get the job done.

Of course, there will be times when Young needs to improvise. When pressure comes or if there's something he doesn't quite like pre-snap regarding the defensive formation in front of him, that's the time for creativity to move the chains.

Carolina doesn't need a risk-taking gunslinger - especially on the road against a divisional foe. They need Young to be composed, accurate, and to come through in clutch situations on third downs or in the red zone.

That's it.

If Young can accomplish this - which is entirely feasible based on what we saw throughout the preseason - the Panthers have a chance. However, it needs to be a collective effort with no weak links to get their campaign off on the best possible footing.

There is a growing belief that the Panthers have something special in Young. What comes next is sure to be franchise-altering in one way or another.