4 big winners from the Carolina Panthers 2023 NFL Draft

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Bryce Young - Carolina Panthers QB

Whichever quarterback was the chosen one at No. 1 overall for the Carolina Panthers couldn't ask for a better situation. Although it became an exhausting and thorough process surrounding the top-four signal-callers emerging from the college ranks, those in power always had Bryce Young as their top guy and were beyond thrilled when he reaffirmed their belief.

Young is a magician in the pocket and is aware of his surroundings at all times. Sure, the height and weight aren't ideal, but plenty of slender quarterbacks have gone on to have great careers providing everything is placed around them.

That's exactly what the Panthers have been doing all offseason in readiness for Young's arrival. The coaching staff is elite, there are proven veterans and dynamic young players to lean on in the passing game, all five starting offensive linemen have returned, and Carolina's defense should keep them in games during his initial transition. 

Young is ready to work and has everything one needs from a skill standpoint to be highly productive. He is also meticulous in his preparation and leaves nothing to chance - something that will command instant respect within the locker room. 

If Young cannot thrive in this sort of setup, then the Panthers have a significant problem on their hands. Expectations are obviously high, but Carolina felt confident enough in the Heisman Trophy winner to give up a king's ransom in pursuit of finding a route back to relevancy. 

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