4 bold predictions for the Carolina Panthers 2023 NFL Draft

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Carolina Panthers trade down three times

One thing that's become prevalent throughout Scott Fitterer's time as Carolina Panthers general manager is his exceptional draft-board management. Something that's seen plenty of wheeling and dealing and masterful negotiating along the way. 

This is the first draft for Fitterer where Matt Rhule won't be complicating matters. The change in approach since he was rightfully fired has been night and day in terms of collaboration and professionalism, which is a far cry from the incompetent fumbling of key decisions when the new Nebraska head coach held absolute power. 

Fitterer has already talked about the potential for adding additional capital after giving up a ton to secure the No. 1 overall pick. Much will depend on what opportunities present themselves throughout the draft, but it would be a huge shock if the Panthers didn't trade back at least once if recent history is any indication. 

Perhaps No. 39 overall looks like the best option that can acquire good compensation. Carolina doesn't pick again until No. 93 - which is a long time to be without - so moving down could solve this issue if there is sufficient interest. 

The Panthers don't have any picks in the sixth or seventh rounds. Not the worst scenario in the world, but Fitterer might want an option or two lower down the pecking order for development projects that can become contributors over time.