4 boldest pre-draft moves from the Carolina Panthers 2024 offseason

Dan Morgan hasn't been shy about going bold this offseason.
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Carolina Panthers signed Robert Hunt

The Carolina Panthers aren't known for signing marquee players in free agency. This is a struggling team under David Tepper's ownership. It's also a small market, which decreases the level of enticement from veterans with options elsewhere.

To get them, they have to overpay. One could make a strong case for Dan Morgan doing just that with the acquisition of interior offensive lineman Robert Hunt, who signed a five-year, $100 million deal that came with a $26.5 million signing bonus and $63 million guaranteed.

This was done with the sole purpose of providing quarterback Bryce Young with more time to go through his progressions. He was one of the league's most sacked signal-callers last season for a reason. His protection was an abomination, unable to pick up the simplest stunts and shifts en route to an abysmal campaign.

Morgan knew this could not continue under any circumstance. Hunt is an assured pass protector with physical intentions to make his presence felt. There's a nastiness to his game that will make him an instant fan favorite, which is matched by controlled aggression and supreme consistency for good measure.

Was it a lot of money? Sure. But nobody will be complaining too much if Hunt - together with fellow free-agent signing Damien Lewis - becomes a highly productive guard tandem in pursuit of keeping Young's pocket clean. They should also make things easier for Ikem Ekwonu and Taylor Moton on the edge, which is an important aspect of these transactions that often gets overlooked.

Hunt is an outstanding player and instantly upgrades Carolina's interior protection. His contract has been set up in a way that benefits the team - something that's become increasingly prevalent since Brandt Tilis came in to handle to financial side of things.

Nobody should be happier about Hunt's signing than Young. If the Panthers add a few more capable playmakers into the mix, it's all systems go.