4 boom or bust prospects the Carolina Panthers could draft in 2023

Noah Sewell
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Carolina Panthers
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Carolina Panthers could draft Noah Sewell

  • Linebacker | Oregon Ducks

Another area where the Carolina Panthers could use extra reinforcements is within their linebacker room. Keeping veteran Shaq Thompson on a reworked deal was a major positive, with the promise of Jeremy Chinn playing closer to the line of scrimmage something else that should help the team's cause greatly. 

With that being said, the Panthers cannot sit on their hands if the right prospects fall during the draft. One player that might be available further down the pecking order than originally expected is Noah Sewell, who is working against increasing doubts about his long-term aspirations at the next level. 

At least on the face of things, Sewell should be a coveted prospect. His sideline-to-sideline impact at Oregon was encouraging, which saw the player become a true three-down threat thanks to his blend of size, power, and football IQ.

So what's the problem?

Sewell can be over-aggressive at times, he misses a lot of tackles, and there are often lapses in concentration from a coverage standpoint that will get punished severely by NFL playmakers. Something that's led the one-time first-round candidate projected into the late second or early third-round by most analysts. 

The Panthers represent a decent fit for Sewell from a scheme and locker room perspective. But the pressure is on to prove these pre-draft concerns were foolish.