4 Carolina Panthers who stand to benefit most from play-calling switch

Better times could be ahead...
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Frank Reich - Carolina Panthers HC

It's evident that Frank Reich had too much on his plate over the first six games. Assuming play-calling responsibilities and having to manage all areas of the team is always difficult for any head coach, so he made the correct call at the right time regarding what could end up being a positive change.

Reich doesn't appear to be in any immediate danger regarding his job. Team owner David Tepper is obviously eager to win right now after experiencing nothing but losing since buying the franchise, but the Carolina Panthers have completely different objectives as the NFL's only winless team through six weeks.

Handing over the play-calling sheet was obviously difficult, but it was the correct thing to do. It will also allow Reich to do his job better as an overseer of operations rather than focusing almost solely on devising offensive game plans from week to week.

Thomas Brown stated that Reich would still be involved in the planning stage, but the in-game strategy is all his. This should allow the figurehead to be exactly that within all three phases and become more player-focused for good measure.

This switch could be a win-win for both Brown and Reich if it comes off. It doesn't change the lack of talent from a personnel standpoint, but what it does provide is a chance for the Panthers to get out of the 2023 season with some semblance of respectability.