4 Panthers free agents who must be re-signed after D'Onta Foreman loss

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Cam Erving - Carolina Panthers OL

Giving Cam Erving a contract extension seemed asinine once upon a time. His production as a left tackle in 2021 went as expected, so why the Carolina Panthers made signing the former first-round selection such a big priority to begin with remains a mystery.

Thankfully for the Panthers, things improved dramatically on the offensive line last season. This left Erving reduced to backup duties, but it's a role he adjusted to well and became a strong mentor for younger members of the locker room for good measure.

Almost every video post-game following a win saw Erving front and center. While he was an expensive cheerleader who didn't see much action, extending him to a team-friendly deal shouldn't be dismissed if he's willing to adopt a similar role under new head coach Frank Reich.

Again, this all depends on how Erving views his own career prospects. If the Florida State product feels like he could potentially start somewhere and gets a good offer, his time in Carolina will be at an end.

However, if the market isn't robust for Erving - which is entirely possible all things considered - then the Panthers can bolster their depth and bring back a supreme leadership presence within the locker room. Something that Reich and his staff need following their high-profile arrivals.