4 Carolina Panthers on the hot seat entering the 2023 season

Scott Fitterer
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Scott Fitterer - Carolina Panthers GM

Matt Rhule is no longer around and general manager Scott Fitterer wasted no time in stamping his mark on the Carolina Panthers in the months following his dismissal. Trading Christian McCaffrey and Robbie Anderson was just the start - what the front office figure had planned for the offseason was even more aggressive.

Sacrificing D.J. Moore for the chance to land Bryce Young at No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft was a gamble of epic proportions. Numerous veteran pieces came in via free agency and even though some position groups appear short of dependable depth, this looks like Fitterer's roster more than the one Rhule left behind.

That can only be a good thing considering how torrid things got under Rhule's inept leadership. But fans want to see a return on Fitterer's moves sooner rather than later - starting with an NFC South title challenge in 2023.

Fitterer is currently attempting to navigate a tricky situation with Brian Burns currently, which isn't ideal. The stud pass-rusher has shown good faith by being around all summer, but with the Panthers unwilling to meet demands as they wait for Nick Bosa's deal to reset the market, one could forgive the former first-round selection out of Florida State for being a little impatient.

If the necessary improvements aren't made, it won't be Frank Reich in the firing line. Fitterer is the roster-shot caller and needs to shoulder the blame despite there being a more collaborative approach to recruitment without Rhule's incompetence holding the Panthers back.

How will it go for Fitterer? Time will tell, but hopes remain high until further notice.