4 Carolina Panthers on the hot seat entering Week 10 at Bears

The pressure is on...

Jonathan Mingo
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Bryce Young - Carolina Panthers QB

First of all, Bryce Young isn't being benched for Andy Dalton. Let's get that out of the way before we go into more detail about why the rookie quarterback finds himself on this list.

The NFL is not about how you get knocked down. That's going to happen almost constantly against elite-level opposition weekly that simply cannot be found at any other level of this great sport.

It's about how you respond. How you get up. How much resolve do you have in pursuit of making a difference?

That's why the pressure is on Young this week. The No. 1 overall selection has no doubt heard all the chatter about the Carolina Panthers making the wrong choice by bringing him into the fold, which came after the worst performance of his pro career as C.J. Stroud was breaking records en route to 470 passing yards and five touchdowns.

Young is a resolute character and should be able to share off an outing where he threw three interceptions - two of which were returned for scores. This is also a good chance to remind the national NFL audience why he was such a highly-touted high school and college recruit, winning the Heisman Trophy along the way.

The Panthers must do more schematically to help Young. As previously stated, the Chicago Bears defense isn't exactly setting the world alight, so opportunity knocks for the promising signal-caller if he doesn't dwell too much on last weekend's failings.