4 Carolina Panthers on the hot seat entering Week 12 at Titans

The pressure is building...

Brian Burns
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Frank Reich - Carolina Panthers HC

I tried to leave Frank Reich off the weekly hot seat list this week. But it's pretty hard not to see how much pressure the head coach is under right now following the Carolina Panthers' ninth loss in 10 games.

Reich opted to stand pat and David Tepper didn't force the issue when it came to changes after Carolina's loss to the Dallas Cowboys. This is a contentious issue among the fanbase, with many already seeing that this particular project isn't going to work thanks to a woeful offense and recruitment during the offseason that brought little in the way of success stories.

Many respected insiders still believe Reich is in an untenable situation unless results start improving. This upcoming stretch sees the Panthers go up against four teams without winning records, but how much this could benefit the league's worst operation when push comes to shove is another matter.

It's also worth remembering that even though the Tennessee Titans are 0-6 on the road, they boast a 3-1 record on home soil. This is a tough environment to play for any visiting team, so Reich needs to have his men ready if they want to avoid an embarrassing tenth loss under his leadership.

Making substantial adjustments at this late stage - especially on offense - seems unlikely. But Reich might want to start by adopting more power run-blocking concepts and running the football with the sort of efficiency the Panthers demonstrated when Steve Wilks and Ben McAdoo called the shots.

Just a thought…