4 Carolina Panthers on the hot seat entering Week 6 at Dolphins

Backs are against the wall in Week 6...
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Frank Reich - Carolina Panthers HC

There's no indication that Frank Reich is on the hot seat as pertains to his job prospects just five games into his Carolina Panthers tenure. However, the pressure is definitely mounting on the figurehead given the team's disastrous start to the campaign.

Reich's looking a little lost, truth be told. He's clearly taking some shrapnel for his coaching staff's failings, but the man at the very top of that particular food chain always carries the can - he's managing the operation, after all.

As previously stated, going to the Miami Dolphins wouldn't be atop the list of games to navigate sitting at 0-5 and potentially 0-6 at the bye week. But this might be a good chance for Reich to open up his offense and play a little looser with zero expectations on the team's shoulders.

If the Panthers get blown out, so what? Many are anticipating that outcome in any case, so why not go out all guns blazing in the hope it can lead to improved performance levels across the board?

Either way, some serious soul-searching needs to be done once Carolina begins their extended period of rest. Their three games after the bye will make or break 2023 for Reich and anything less than two wins from this run of fixtures could come with grave consequences attached.

As for this weekend, it's a free hit. Play with freedom, eradicate avoidable mistakes, and put in maximum effort. If the Panthers do that, fans cannot ask for anymore.