4 Carolina Panthers whose jobs are in danger after the 2023 preseason opener

Things aren't looking too promising for these Carolina Panthers players...
Cam Erving
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Cam Erving - Carolina Panthers OL

As you probably guessed, the Carolina Panthers offensive line was not at the races for the large majority of their shutout loss to the New York Jets. Robert Saleh's squad has the benefit of a ridiculously deep defensive front, who generated pressure at will to make life extremely difficult to gain yards.

Bryce Young and Matt Corral were under constant duress. Whether it was the first team or the backups, nobody aside from perhaps starting left guard Brady Christensen can look back on their performance fondly.

There wasn't much to write home about where Cam Erving is concerned. The backup lineman was lackluster at best and made his feelings known after the game via the team's website.

"We had to keep it real with each other; the s--- wasn't good enough. Top to bottom, it doesn't matter if it was preseason, regular season, or offseason. The s--- was not good enough at any level, from any position, myself included, especially myself. All we can do is come back, try to regroup, and f---ing fix it. We know we did not play to our standard. So all that needed to be said was that s---'s not good enough. It's not about who's in it or who's called it; it just needed to be said and was said. We saw what happened. Preseason or regular season, that's not acceptable. That's the only message we got across to each other, we cannot allow that to happen, ones, twos, threes, fours, it doesn't matter who's on the field, we can't let that happen."

Cam Erving via Panthers.com

Erving is another that cannot be trusted. He evolved into a decent backup and mentor last season without seeing the field much, but one only has to look at his production overall to see what problems could emerge if he's thrust into the spotlight.

If Erving cannot raise his game over the next fortnight, the Panthers could find a more dependable option despite his leadership presence within the locker room.