4 Carolina Panthers players who'll benefit most from Frank Reich's firing

With Frank Reich gone after just 11 games, who benefits most from the firing?
Frank Reich
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Jonathan Mingo - Carolina Panthers WR

I'm going to cheat a little bit and also assume that wide receivers coach Shawn Jefferson is going to be shown the door. For literally every single receiver on the roster, this will help, but Frank Reich not being in the picture is also a huge bonus.

Jonathan Mingo was a very nice college prospect coming out of Ole Miss, which was enough for the Carolina Panthers to make him their second-round pick in 2023. He has looked like a total dud thus far, catching just 28 passes for 286 receiving yards and zero touchdowns from 57 targets, so his catch percentage is below 50%.

With a new coaching staff implementing the correct style of offense for Bryce Young, that'll likely make life much easier for the wide receivers. There's this bonkers play from Mingo that kind of wraps up just how dysfunctional the Panthers have been this year:

If wide receivers in the NFL weren't allowed to get any feet in bounds during a catch, Mingo would have had a nice reception. But this is just insane to me.

The throw from Young is very good. Mingo should have stopped his route instead of assuming he was being led to the sidelines.

Had the wideout been more aware of his surroundings, it would have been an easy completion. This right here from Mingo is all bad coaching.