4 Carolina Panthers players who could be gone after the 2024 season

These Carolina Panthers might not be around after the 2024 season.
Andy Dalton
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The Carolina Panthers have gone through substantial changes once again this offseason. Dan Morgan wants to change the culture and restore a sense of pride across the franchise. It's early days, but the new general manager left a positive impression despite making some tough choices along the way.

This is the first phase of Morgan's long-term plans for growth. David Tepper seems to be staying out of the football operation for now, but the billionaire owner must avoid the erratic, impulsive removal of key men to finally provide the Panthers with a sense of stability that's been sorely lacking.

There will be some rough times for the Panthers next season. For some players, their performance levels will be critical in pursuit of an extended stay. Especially considering Morgan's new ruthless approach to roster construction with no sentiment attached.

With this in mind, here are four Panthers players who could be gone after the 2024 season.

Austin Corbett - Carolina Panthers C

The Carolina Panthers are switching Austin Corbett to the center spot after signing Robert Hunt and Damien Lewis to become their new starting offensive guard tandem. This is an intriguing development, but one cannot see it as anything other than a big-time gamble that could go either way.

Hopefully, Corbett can thrive in his newfound role and provide quarterback Bryce Young with a stable presence. There are concerns about his lack of experience at the position. The former second-round pick's also coming off two serious knee complications in consecutive years, so not having a specialist center behind him is a risk.

This is also a contract year for Corbett. Anything less than consistent production and staying clear of health issues could see the Panthers go in a different direction during Dan Morgan's second offseason at the helm in 2025.

Corbett seems highly focused and confident this position alteration is going to work. For the Panthers' sake, let's hope he's right.