4 Carolina Panthers players who can help Bryce Young thrive in 2023

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Adam Thielen - Carolina Panthers WR

One disappointing element to landing Bryce Young was the caveat to their trade with the Chicago Bears. The draft picks weren't enough - the Carolina Panthers had to sacrifice wide receiver D.J. Moore to ensure this deal got over the line. 

Moore was an outstanding player throughout his time in Carolina. His consistency in the face of quarterback misery was highly impressive and can help take Justin Fields' game to completely new heights next time around. 

As for the Panthers, they need someone to step up and fill the void. Moore's departure leaves a gaping hole in production and Young needs dependable weapons to avoid holding onto the football too long and increasing the risk of injury. 

Those in power have done a tremendous job of putting the necessary pieces in place to ensure Moore's departure won't be sorely felt. Perhaps the most important pass-catcher to arrive was Adam Thielen, who remains one of the savviest route runners in the business despite his advancing years. 

This is going to be invaluable for Young. Having a veteran Pro Bowler like Thielen getting open quickly on short to intermediate routes provides another security asset when blitzes arrive or things aren't happening downfield.