4 Carolina Panthers players who need a monster offseason in 2024

It's time for these Carolina Panthers players to show more...
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Jonathan Mingo - Carolina Panthers WR

Jonathan Mingo's rookie campaign was underwhelming, to put it mildly. There was a quiet sense of optimism surrounding the second-round pick thanks to his size and athleticism. Unfortunately, he couldn't replicate his college production in the pros.

Mingo struggled to create separation and lacked that extra spark needed to impose himself against elite-level NFL competition. He brought in 50.6 percent of his targets for 418 receiving yards and no touchdowns. This was nowhere near good enough when one considers how rookies around the league were thriving - many of whom were taken after the former Ole Miss standout.

As previously mentioned, the Panthers acquired Diontae Johnson via trade from the Pittsburgh Steelers. With Adam Thielen still around and more reinforcements set to arrive during the 2024 NFL Draft, the onus is on Mingo to establish himself and prove to the new coaching staff he's worthy of prominent involvement.

Easier said than done, but Dave Canales has declared a willingness to give everyone a fair chance. Last season was a complete mess with very few covering themselves in glory. Mingo might have been a victim of circumstance all things considered, but the tape indicates there is a significant amount of hard work ahead for the wideout throughout the offseason.

If Mingo cannot raise his performance levels and others thrive, it'll come with huge ramifications attached. He'll find himself buried on the depth chart, which would be nothing short of disastrous for a player taken No. 39 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft.

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