4 Carolina Panthers players who won't be missed in 2024

DeShawn Williams
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Marquis Haynes Sr. - Carolina Panthers OLB

Marquis Haynes Sr. is unfortunate to find himself on this list. There's also a chance the Carolina Panthers might offer the edge rusher a short-term extension given how things unfolded for the player in 2023.

Haynes looked like a potential candidate to become the team's starting 3-4 outside linebacker opposite Brian Burns. His production as a rotational piece warranted increased responsibilities in a contract year. Unfortunately, disaster struck thanks to a serious back complication that placed him on injured reserve.

As it turned out, this would have huge ramifications throughout the campaign. Haynes took considerable time to get himself back. The former Ole Miss star turned out just seven times, playing 34 percent of Carolina's defensive snaps. There was a spark missing.

It's clear the back was still bothering him. This resulted in just one sack. But again, sentiment shouldn't come into the equation as the Panthers move forward to become a serious football operation.

Had Haynes been a bit luckier on the health front with such a big opportunity awaiting him, the player's outlook would probably be more promising. He won't be missed if moved on due to nothing more than his lack of involvement last season. But don't be surprised if the player gets another year to prove his worth providing everything checks out medically.