4 Carolina Panthers spearheading positive culture shift in 2023

Frank Reich
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Frank Reich - Carolina Panthers HC

Frank Reich made Carolina Panthers franchise history for the second time this off-season. The team's first-ever quarterback during their expansion year came full circle to become the first head coach with an offensive background - something that was desperately needed given how things are currently unfolding around the NFL.

Reich was dealt a rough hand with the Indianapolis Colts. But his experience, knowledge of what makes the organization tick, and concise plan on how to take the franchise forward gave him the edge over Steve Wilks.

It didn't take long for Reich to set the tone. There is a purpose to everything, which came across during the recruitment phase and was also evident throughout early offseason workouts to further raise optimism.

When asked about the atmosphere shift, Reich stated via the team's website that he feels something special is brewing. However, he was also quick to keep everyone's feet on the ground until further notice.

"I'm excited that there's a lot of positive energy. I feel it in the building. I feel it on the field with players. I feel it in the community with our fans, and I think our players feel that as well. Having been around this game for a while, I think you take the mode of 'we've got a lot,' we want to prove it every day. Are we excited? Yes. Do we have high expectations? We sure do. But I've learned through the years, don't get too far out in front of those expectations."

Frank Reich via Panthers.com

Reich is getting an instant chance at coaching redemption. He's set the foundations alongside others, but it will count for nothing if they cannot get the job done when things get serious.