4 Carolina Panthers spearheading positive culture shift in 2023

Frank Reich
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David Tepper - Carolina Panthers owner

It wasn't the easiest start to life as an NFL owner for David Tepper. His shocking decision to hire Matt Rhule as head coach and primary decision-maker hiring was the worst decision in franchise history and had the scope to set them back decades if the billionaire did not cut his extremely costly experiment short.

The debacle at Rock Hill regarding the team's ambitious headquarters only cast further doubt on Tepper's competency. But it's not about making mistakes, it's what you learn from them that counts.

Tepper saw the error of his ways and reacted accordingly. He let football men take the lead, hired someone with legitimate NFL experience in Frank Reich, and bankrolled his desire to form arguably the NFL's most accomplished coaching staff.

The Carolina Panthers' decision to trade up for Bryce Young at No. 1 overall also got Tepper's seal of approval. It's been a high-risk approach in pursuit of turning things around, but one that comes with a clear plan for sustainable success long-term for the first time under his ownership.

This offseason has been Tepper's redemption ark, so to speak. He's still heavily involved, but the structure put in place is more in keeping with traditional methods of NFL success rather than going against the grain.

Maybe Tepper was trying to prove too much by hiring Rhule. Thankfully, that's a harsh mistake he won't be making again.