4 Carolina Panthers whose stock soared after 2024 roster revamp

Things are looking up for these Carolina Panthers players.
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Bryce Young - Carolina Panthers QB

While there was never a possibility of Bryce Young losing his starting job, his 2023 play was certainly polarizing among fans and analysts. One side felt that his 16-game trial cemented him as a bust, with clumsy footwork and a drop-off in accuracy on deep throws, not to mention the noticeable lack of offensive mobility for much of the season.

Maybe he can establish himself as a serviceable game manager. At the same time, Young might never meet the expectations put on him when the Carolina Panthers traded a fortune to move up and select him No. 1 overall in 2023.

The other side argued that the horrendous circumstances doomed Young from the start. He came into a regime with far too many voices in his ear. A lack of cohesion among the coaches was spelled by an ever-present owner with his vision for the team’s in-game strategies.

His receivers generated league-worst separation and Young's protection ranked towards the bottom of the league in most major categories. Nobody in his shoes would have succeeded, and the 2023 campaign needs to be written off as a mulligan. A similar scenario happened to Trevor Lawrence, who was horrendous in his rookie season under Urban Meyer but improved dramatically under a much more stable coaching regime.

The results of the draft make it clear the Panthers agree with the second line of thought. They aren’t giving up on Young or even worried about a plan B if his struggles carry into 2024.

Dave Canales mentioned the team finding a QB3 to provide more support for Young. Some pundits wondered if a late-round draft pick could be used on such an asset. The presence of a drafted rookie would have potentially put pressure on the former Alabama star to perform or be benched, especially given the owner’s reputation for impatience.

That didn’t come to pass, and Young can take the field knowing the Panthers are fine with him figuring it out as he goes.