4 cataclysmic errors that continue to haunt the Carolina Panthers in 2023

It's all extremely concerning...

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Carolina Panthers continue to extend mediocre players

A hallmark of this franchise has been putting money into the wrong players while letting talented ones walk. Who can forget the five-year, $55 million deal they gave to Matt Kalil back in 2017, which was just the start?

After two horrid years, Kalil was released in 2019. He has been out of the league since September of that year.

Back in 2020, we saw another edition of this as the Carolina Panthers allowed Curtis Samuel to join the Washington Commanders after a career year. They chose to re-sign Robbie Anderson instead.

Anderson had just 519 receiving yards the following season. The wide receiver was traded in acrimonious circumstances after being tossed from the game by interim head coach Steve Wilks following a sideline spat with then-wide receivers coach Joe Dailey.

But the two moves that have drawn the most recent ire from fans were the decision to let Stephon Gilmore and Haason Reddick walk ahead of the 2022 season. Following 11 sacks during his only campaign in Carolina, it seemed the Panthers found someone to pair opposite of Brian Burns, but he joined the Philadelphia Eagles on a three-year $45 million deal despite outlining his desire to stick around.

The other confusing move was Stephon Gilmore. After acquiring the Rock Hill native in a midseason trade from the New England Patriots, many expected the veteran cornerback to be re-signed and paired with stud Jaycee Horn heading into 2022.

Instead, Gilmore was allowed to leave, signing a two-year $23 million contract with the Indianapolis Colts. Carolina chose to re-sign Donte Jackson, who has been average at best in his time here.