4 cornerbacks Carolina Panthers can draft to replace Donte Jackson

The Carolina Panthers need more at the cornerback position...

Donte Jackson
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Carolina Panthers could draft Kamari Lassiter

It looked for a long time as if Kamari Lassiter would be a sure-fire first-round pick. Many analysts believed he was the standout cornerback coming out this year before the 2023 campaign. That's not the case anymore.

Lassiter's production remained consistent at Georgia during his final college campaign. He didn't take the significant leap forward many were expecting, but he didn't exactly provide many causes for concern either.

Unfortunately, people are starting to look at Lassiter a little differently throughout pre-draft assessments. The defensive back didn't exactly set the world alight at the NFL Scouting Combine. It was the same at his pro day. Therefore, the scouts must trust what they see on tape in the face of these newfound red flags.

Sliding in the rankings across the media is something that could lead the Carolina Panthers to Lassiter early in the second round. He plays much quicker than his 40-yard dash time suggests through outstanding coverage, using leverage to his advantage and having no trouble getting wide receivers off their routes in press situations.

His instincts stand out in zone schemes, too. Lassiter needs to work on his discipline and add a little mass to his frame to avoid any unnecessary complications. Once these kinks are worked out, someone will have a tremendous player on their hands despite the increasing skepticism surrounding the player.