4 cornerbacks Carolina Panthers can draft to replace Donte Jackson

The Carolina Panthers need more at the cornerback position...

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Carolina Panthers could draft Nate Wiggins

The Carolina Panthers aren't blessed with much high-end draft capital this year. They don't have a first-rounder after suffering the embarrassment of giving up the No. 1 overall selection to the Chicago Bears. However, they got themselves an extra second-rounder after stud edge rusher Brian Burns was traded to the New York Giants.

Dan Morgan has to do more with less. He's on damage control, making sacrifices in the short term for future prosperity. Some might not like it considering how much suffering fans have endured since David Tepper bought the team, but it's the right thing to do in difficult circumstances.

That said, if the Panthers feel like there is a prospect high on their board worth trading into the first round to acquire, a discussion must be had. The need for wide receiver and edge rushing help is evident. But if someone like Nate Wiggins starts slipping down the order, those in power would be wise to examine the Clemson prospect in greater detail.

The Panthers have taken an interest in Wiggins throughout their ongoing evaluations, and it's not hard to see why. His explosiveness and top-end speed are absolutely off the charts. This is matched by exceptional anticipation of route concepts and the ability to convert opportunities into turnovers with relative frequency.

If Wiggins adds some extra bulk to his frame, he's a Day 1 starter with high-end potential for immediate profitability. If he falls into the 20s, don't be surprised if the Panthers start making inquiries about moving up.