4 critical observations from Carolina Panthers 2023 training camp Day 7

The Carolina Panthers got back down to business after another day off following Fan Fest,
Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers kept it short

After the Fan Fest festivities and their day off on Friday, Frank Reich and his coaching staff decided to keep the team's latest practice session relatively short. It hasn't been the most grueling start to training camp for the Carolina Panthers compared to others around the league, but this all-star coaching staff knows what they are doing and more importantly, knows how to get the job done without the need for much fanfare.

One thing that's come across throughout camp is the raised professionalism and efficiency of practices. There are no wasted movements, no wasted drills - everything has a purpose to it and is something that represents the most refreshing change of pace after three years of the complete opposite under the previous regime.

As Shaq Thompson stated recently, Reich and his team of elite-level coaches know how to take care of their players. They are still putting in the work needed, but it's being done in shorter timeframes and without the unnecessary bravado and clichéd college methods adopted by Matt Rhule.

Expect the tempo to ramp up further over the weekend heading into a big third week. This sees the Panthers participate in joint practices with the New York Jets, which represents a stern test thanks to quarterback Aaron Rodgers' arrival and Robert Saleh's outstanding young defense led by star cornerback Sauce Gardner.