4 crucial games the Carolina Panthers must win in 2024

These games may be circled by fans heading into the season.
Dave Canales
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Carolina Panthers vs. NY Giants - Week 10

This is the closest the Carolina Panthers are getting this season to a primetime game. The NFL showed exactly what they thought of the organization by giving them, not a single chance to showcase improvements with the national spotlight glaring. However, those are the consequences of being a 2-15 team whose campaign descended into a complete disgrace last time around.  

An early Sunday morning in November is the closest Carolina will get when they travel to the home of FC Bayern Munich to take on the New York Giants. The Panthers have put a lot into building a fanbase in Germany - including trips from legends such as Steve Smith Sr. and future Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker Luke Kuechly. They've even announced draft picks in 2023 and 2024 from the country.  

With all the effort being put into relations across Germany, the Panthers must get a big win when they make the trip over to Munich. And that’s not just because yours truly will be in the stands cheering on Dave Canales’ team at the Allianz Arena.  

The Giants represent a supremely winnable fixture for the Panthers all things considered. Any team going into a season with Daniel Jones as the quarterback is vulnerable. There’s also the added caveat of a potential Brian Burns revenge game to factor into the equation.

As fans know, Burns spent his first five seasons in Carolina but was traded to New York after a new contract agreement could not be reached.  This is thanks in no small part to the incompetent management of this situation by Scott Fitterer and Samir Suleiman.

One would imagine the former Florida State star will be keen to get one over on his former employers, Fans know all too well how this can go - who can forget the infamous Smith revenge game when he was a member of the Baltimore Ravens?