4 difficult decisions facing Carolina Panthers HC Dave Canales in 2024

There is a lot of hard work ahead for new Carolina Panthers head coach Dave Canales.

Dave Canales
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Molding Bryce Young

This is the most important objective above all else. The Carolina Panthers must mold Bryce Young into the franchise-caliber quarterback they were anticipating after making their daring trade to No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. It wasn't the easiest rookie campaign, but it's way too early to be writing him off just yet.

Young has talent. He was chosen No. 1 for a reason. Nothing much went right for the Heisman Trophy winner during his first season. Some of it was a result of poor performance and diminishing confidence. Most of it was the fault of those in power, who set the former Alabama star up for failure.

Dave Canales knows how to help quarterbacks reach their ceiling. His work with Russell Wilson, Geno Smith, and Baker Mayfield was one of the big reasons why he got Carolina's head coaching job. He's a firm believer in Young and seems to already have a plan in place to mold the Panthers' most prized possession this offseason.

The need to put better pieces around Young is also glaring. As previously mentioned, the blocking concepts need to ensure better hope to give the signal-caller clean pockets in which to work. Canales must also construct his scheme around the quarterback's strengths rather than forcing him to fit square pegs into round holes.

That's a lot to ask in one preparation period. But Canales' previous experience and Young's room for growth make this a difficult yet attainable target.