4 fatal flaws behind Carolina Panthers capitulation at the Lions in Week 5

The most lopsided loss of their season has the Panthers searching for answers

Derrick Brown and Sam Franklin
Derrick Brown and Sam Franklin / Kirthmon F. Dozier / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young's INTs

As previously mentioned, the turnovers removed any chance the Carolina Panthers had of winning this game. All three were earned by the Detroit Lions, and also fully merited by Frank Reich's offense.

While Bryce Young has shown flashes of excellence at times, he is simply not ready to be a highly productive NFL quarterback yet. Although some reasons for this have nothing to do with the player's on-field production.

His first interception was a bad play call and a bad decision on a tight-end screen pass to Ian Thomas. While budding superstar Aidan Hutchinson made a great play, that throw needs to be in the dirt.

Young's second interception looked even uglier. He misread the flat cornerback, who left the underneath route to jump Jonathan Mingo's path to a reception.

Some leeway should be given considering the offense Young is in and the fact that he is a rookie. At the same time, he needs to step up his game if the Panthers want to be close to competitive for the rest of the season.

The loss against Detroit was expected, but to get blown out by any team in the league is embarrassing. Unfortunately, that is the reality of Carolina's situation at the moment.

This weekend's contest against the Miami Dolphins next week might get ugly. And there are people in the front office and coaching staff that may not be around much longer if significant adjustments aren't made.