4 former players and coaches the Carolina Panthers have desperately missed in 2023

The Carolina Panthers surely miss several players and coaches in 2023...

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Carolina Panthers miss Christian McCaffrey's presence

The San Francisco 49ers traded for do-it-all running back Christian McCaffrey back before the trade deadline in 2022. It was, for the most part, an obvious move for the Carolina Panthers, who were clearly approaching a bit of a roster makeover.

Well, wouldn't McCaffrey be perfect right now?

Not only is a good running game a must for a young quarterback. But McCaffrey being able to catch passes at an elite level out of the backfield would have also greatly helped Bryce Young acclimate to the NFL.

One frustrating thing about this trade is that the running back has been insanely healthy since arriving in San Francisco. This is a complete 180 from his final years with Carolina.

In fact, McCaffrey played in just 10 total games for the Panthers from 2020-21 with injuries. Since arriving in the Bay Area, he's not missed a game for his new team.

He's also the focal point of the offense and one of the most valuable players in the entire NFL. McCaffrey has played in 23 total games for the Niners since being traded, rushing for 1,778 yards and 18 touchdowns. He's also added 103 receptions, 893 receiving yards, and nine touchdowns through the air as well.

In total, McCaffrey has amassed 27 total touchdowns and 2,671 scrimmage yards in just 23 games. The former Stanford star is averaging 116 scrimmage yards per game. He's also averaging 1.17 touchdowns per game.

While I'm sure Panthers' fans have nothing against McCaffrey, it's got to be tough to see him light it up elsewhere. Especially when he'd be perfect for Carolina's new prized possession under center.