4 grave offseason errors the Carolina Panthers must avoid in 2024

The margin for error is slim.

Dan Morgan
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Carolina Panthers must avoid getting enamored with one draft prospect

One trap that has befallen many a team throughout the NFL's long history is getting too set on one specific player, or multiple, during the draft process. So single-minded that even the idea of going for someone else is beyond consideration.

Trades like that of Herschel Walker or Ricky Williams come to mind. No team would be stupid enough to make that kind of deal again. This is one thing that the Carolina Panthers cannot afford given the severe lack of draft capital that the team currently has at its disposal.

If the new front office gets too transfixed on a single player, no matter the position, it runs the risk of panicking and overpaying in a trade to move up and take them. This was a frighteningly common occurrence over the last few seasons.

Over the last four NFL Draft processes, the Panthers have collectively gotten an injury-prone cornerback, a solid offensive lineman in Brady Christensen, a serviceable blocking tight end, an above-average running back, a budding defensive end, and a fading defensive star in Jeremy Chinn. This isn't exactly a good track record at any level.

That is without even mentioning the travesty that was the 2022 draft or the fact that Carolina has not had a full draft since 2021.

New general manager Dan Morgan has to be smart. The Panthers simply do not have the means or opportunity to do anything crazy in this draft. Be patient, let the board come to them, and build the roster with the best player that is available for the team's needs. It is that simple.