4 grave offseason errors the Carolina Panthers must avoid in 2024

The margin for error is slim.

Dan Morgan
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Carolina Panthers must avoid sunk cost fallacy

Sunk cost fallacy is a term that means you have spent so much on something that you have to use it or find a place for it to be used. This is most often seen in the corporate world with technology that doesn't exactly work but the cost to get a new system prohibits the company from making the necessary move. Even if it would be beneficial for everyone involved.

This is also something that NFL teams run into every day with high-priced free agents or high-level draft picks. Just look at how long JaMarcus Russell or David Carr stayed in the league for easy proof.

The Carlina Panthers have also run into this frequently in recent years. With a new general manager and coaching staff, there is no better chance to rectify this. Ikem Ekwonu, Miles Sanders, Donte Jackson, Terrace Marshall Jr., and Ian Thomas all come to mind.

Seniority is a thing in the NFL just as it is in any other industry. However, it is high time that the Panthers threw this out the window and evaluated every position on current merit alone.

Changes need to be made. The fact that a player has been at a certain position, has a large contract, or has been with the team for a long time cannot jeopardize the future of the organization.

The Panthers have to realize that much of this roster simply isn't starting caliber and needs to be treated as such. Try something new because it can't possibly be worse than last season at any position.

Forget the investment. This front office didn't foot the bill for anything anyway.