4 head coach/general manager partnerships the Carolina Panthers must consider

The Carolina Panthers must do things right this time...

David Tepper
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Carolina Panthers could look to the 49ers

  • Head Coach: Bobby Slowik
  • General Manager: Adam Peters

The Carolina Panthers need to find the formula that enables this once-proud organization to pick itself off the canvas and not only progress but stabilize as a legitimate force to be feared around the league. This was David Tepper's big dream when he bought the franchise. A vision that quickly turned into a proverbial nightmare.

Looking at the well-run teams across the NFL landscape would be a humbling exercise for Tepper. But it might also see him make some good hires at long last.

Although they aren't together right now, our final head coach/general manager tandem has a history. Bobby Slowik was on the San Francisco 49ers coaching staff before joining DeMeco Ryans on the Houston Texans. During his first season as offensive coordinator, he's caught the eye in no uncertain terms.

Slowik's impressive schematics and ability to develop stud rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud have seen his stock soar. Many will point to his lack of genuine experience in positions of power, but those emanating from the Kyle Shanahan coaching tree are accumulating more success than most of late.

If the Panthers could convince Adam Peters to leave San Francisco for the general manager job if Scott Fitterer is let go, it's a win-win. This seems like a match made in heaven. Whether they'd take the plunge knowing Tepper will be watching their every move closely is the million-dollar question.