4 high-risk edge rushers Carolina Panthers could sign to replace Brian Burns

The Carolina Panthers have a gaping hole to fill...

Brian Burns
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Carolina Panthers could sign Carl Lawson

The New York Jets gave Carl Lawson a decent contract to secure his services in 2022 free agency. His production with the Cincinnati Bengals was sold if not spectacular from a rotational role. Many thought this move could be exactly what the player needed to take his production up a notch.

Unfortunately, that didn't prove to be the case. Things started well enough for Lawson en route to seven sacks during his first season, but it was nowhere near the expectations associated with his lucrative deal. As is normally the case, the ruthless New York media let him know about it.

The Jets weren't going to wait around on the off chance Lawson became more dominant. They spent their first-round selection on Will McDonald IV and increased Jermaine Johnson's involvement. After a slow start, he was a non-factor and made no secret about his unhappiness regarding a diminished role.

Unsurprisingly, the Jets waived Lawson this offseason to save themselves some much-needed funds. He's still without a home as yet, but the Carolina Panthers could take a swing if the money is right and more importantly, if the former fourth-round selection is motivated to silence some increasing doubters.

It's a risk, there's no getting away from that. But the Panthers might need to start thinking outside the box if Jadeveon Clowney spurns their advances.