4 huge disappointments from Carolina Panthers' loss at the Seahawks in Week 3

It was another lackluster afternoon for the Carolina Panthers.

Andy Dalton
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Carolina Panthers are a poorly coached team

Much of the offseason was spent praising the so-called all-star staff head coach Frank Reich had assembled with the Carolina Panthers. Three weeks into the season, it’s a struggle to see what this group is actually doing right. 

The offense continues to be vanilla and predictable. The sooner offensive coordinator Thomas Brown is given play-calling responsibilities, the better for Carolina and the poor fans forced to watch this tepid football week after week.  

But the lack of discipline we saw from the Panthers on Sunday was beyond anything seen under the tutelage of Matt Rhule, who was constantly hammered for the ill-discipline his teams showed. An incredible 13 penalties - including seven offensive line false starts - frankly signifies a team not prepared for Sunday's game in such a loud environment in the correct way.  

Reich did himself no favors post-game, stating in his post-game press conference that the Panthers' practice on Wednesday was actually louder than the Seattle 12th Man. If that was the case, there’s no excuse for the shoddy penalties we saw and it’s simply not good enough. 

It's early to go into full meltdown, which is evident across social media currently among the fanbase. But a lot of Reich's post-game comments are painfully reminiscent of Rhule and his cataclysmic tenure in Carolina.