4 key factors to monitor at Carolina Panthers 2023 mandatory minicamp

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Bryce Young's mindset as Carolina Panthers QB1

After the smoothest transition imaginable, the Carolina Panthers officially moved Bryce Young to No. 1 on the quarterback depth chart. This was always going to occur at some stage, so for it to get the green light so early in the process represents another reason for encouragement.

Young's poise, calmness, and high-level production throughout practices has already won everybody over. Players are gushing about his seamless integration and confident demeanor that leads by example, which is only going to mean good things moving forward if the same trend continues.

When discussing the move last week, head coach Frank Reich stated via Augusta Stone of the team's website that everything is proceeding as expected. Both quarterbacks are also fully on board with what's transpiring, which is a dynamic that is setting the tone for others to follow.

"We did not discuss it with him until the end of last week. Just wanted to kind of keep (it) open. We could have shifted it; we could have moved it up, moved it back. I really didn't want to move it up because I thought things were going the way we wanted. So at the end of last week, I pulled Bryce aside and Andy aside, just to say, 'Hey, we talked about this from the beginning. You guys are doing exactly like we wanted to, so great job. You're going to make this switch and move forward.'"

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How Young handles himself as Carolina's official QB1 will be interesting to watch. The former Alabama star is rarely flustered and takes everything in his stride, so it's likely to be business as usual with an increased level of urgency for a signal-caller with the world at his feet.