4 key traits Adam Thielen brings to the Carolina Panthers in 2023

Adam Thielen
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Adam Thielen brings red-zone threat to the Carolina Panthers

Converting red-zone opportunities into touchdowns has been a thorn in the Carolina Panthers' side over the last three seasons. And if there was one criticism of D.J. Moore throughout his stint with the organization, it was his inability to get into the end zone with enough frequency.

Obviously, this was down to the lackluster production under center more than anything else. Frank Reich is hoping this will change under his play-calling, with offensive coordinator Thomas Brown also having a leading say in how things will be run next season and beyond.

Having a security blanket like Adam Thielen who's been to the very top will be crucial. He knows what it takes to succeed and even though this is likely going to be his last big contract, the wideout could assist in red-zone situations massively in 2023.

Thielen is a savvy veteran that knows how to create separation. The player also boasts assured hands, which means he can take advantage of even the slightest space with relative ease.

This is further reflected in Thielen's 30 receiving touchdowns over the last three seasons. If the player hits it off with his new rookie quarterback - whether it's C.J. Stroud or Bryce Young - then it could bring some substantial improvements when red-zone opportunities arise during the 2023 season.