4 major observations from Andy Dalton's performance at the Seahawks in Week 3

How did the veteran backup fare in Week 3?

Andy Dalton
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Carolina Panthers loss wasn't on Andy Dalton

If someone had said Andy Dalton would throw for 361 passing yards, avoid giving up a turnover, and finish with a passer rating in the high 80s before the game, many would have taken it. But this wasn't good enough to compensate for another late defensive collapse, severe discipline issues on the offensive line, and certain individuals once again failing to meet the required standard.

Dalton's always been adamant he could still be a starter in the NFL despite his advancing years. On the evidence of this showing, he's absolutely right.

Simply put, this demoralizing loss was not on Dalton. He'll take the blame as a leader and the starting quarterback, but there were far more mitigating factors in play when assessing the wreckage of yet another poor performance overall.

There was a lot to like about the way Dalton went about his business. He probably threw the football way more than originally anticipated - a career-high, in fact - but his efficiency was right where it needed to be and one would hard pressed to find an ill-advised throw before watching the All-22.

If this was the first and last time the Carolina Panthers play Dalton this season, he can hold his head high. The bar wasn't exactly high after the opening fortnight, but the offense did look a little better under his leadership.

That's not going to matter - nor should it if Bryce Young is healthy enough to participate in Week 4. But any teams looking for assistance at the quarterback position would be wise to take a closer look at Dalton's performance in this one ahead of making a potential call to Carolina.