4 major observations from Bryce Young's performance at the Bucs in Week 13

How did the rookie quarterback fare at Raymond James Stadium?
Bryce Young
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Same old story for Bryce Young

It looked for a brief moment towards the end of the game that Bryce Young might be able to mount a fightback. But even though Frank Reich is gone, it was the same old story for the Carolina Panthers.

Young picked the worst possible time to throw an interception when Antoine WInfield Jr. picked him off late in proceedings. Just what Thomas Brown was thinking with two straight passing plays when they needed one yard for the first down is anyone's guess, but it was a bad decision from the quarterback to try and force the issue.

This is the way things have unfortunately gone for Young throughout his rookie season. Flashing isn't enough in the NFL and the record is reflective of poor performance across the board.

The Heisman Trophy winner eventually finished with 178 passing yards at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Young was sacked four times, didn't throw a touchdown, and earned a disappointing 52.9 passer rating as a result of his efforts.

One has to wonder just what Young is getting out of this turbulent experience. There's no way to know what this constant losing and underachievement is doing in terms of long-term damage, so fans will just have to hope everything comes together during the offseason and David Tepper finally picks the right head coach.

That could change everything.