4 major observations from Bryce Young's performance vs. the Bucs in Week 18

How did Bryce Young fare during his last game of the season?

Bryce Young
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Bryce Young's supporting cast

Sunday's game was another example of the lack of quality around quarterback Bryce Young. It's been an ongoing frustration throughout the season. This is also a far cry from the pleasure general manager Scott Fitterer had in his offseason recruitment, strutting around like a proud peacock and claiming the Carolina Panthers were ready to contend.

The first half was littered with individual mistakes that ensured a slow start from Young. Drops from tight end Stephen Sullivan and the normally dependable Adam Thielen halted Carolina's offensive momentum. These paled into insignificance compared to D.J. Chark's lapse in judgment that cost the Panthers the game's first score.

Young displayed exceptional improvisation on this specific play, escaping the pocket and delivering a strike to Chark with nothing but open field ahead. Instead of just taking the big gain, the wideout stretched the football out and Antoine Winfield Jr. took full advantage. This resulted in a goal-line fumble at the worst possible time.

That's without mentioning the suspect pass protection. Young needs help. He cannot do it alone. It doesn't matter who takes over key positions of power this offseason, surrounding the signal-caller with improved options across the board should be the biggest priority above all else.

Anything less is organizational malpractice.