4 major observations from Bryce Young's performance at the Dolphins in Week 6

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Bryce Young
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Bryce Young is coming along nicely

Sure, the result didn't go the way everyone would have liked. But nobody genuinely expected the Carolina Panthers to turn over the Miami Dolphins on their travels, in any case.

However, Bryce Young's performance was another encouraging step in the right direction. And with the Panthers now sitting at 0-6 heading into their bye week, the only thing that matters is his development over the next 11 games.

There are still skeptics, which is down in no small part to the team's struggles rather than examining Young's progression from week to week. Regardless of what some might say, he is coming along nicely.

Carolina's offense seemed to have more fluidity on occasion. When Young was operating a high-tempo scheme within a simplified play-calling structure, the signal-caller at least looked capable of making things happen.

Just where the Panthers go from here is another matter. Another lost season is almost confirmed, which is why everyone's primary focus should shift to ensure Young is the one guy who can take positives from the campaign.

Looking at the bigger picture, that's one mission the Panthers are accomplishing. There's been definitive growth from Week 1 up to their latest reverse at the Miami Dolphins, even if the protection in front of him left a lot to be desired.

The bye couldn't be coming at a better time for a franchise on its knees. Some extreme soul-searching and adjustments are needed during their extended rest period, which also includes some schematic offensive alterations that do a better job of playing to Young's strengths.