4 major observations from Bryce Young's performance vs. Packers in Week 16

How did QB1 fare in his penultimate home game of 2023?

Bryce Young
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Bryce Young's pocket progress

Things have not gone according to the script Bryce Young or the Carolina Panthers had in mind this season. Therefore, this is all about what areas of the quarterback's game are growing and what more needs to be done.

The poise Young's displays under center has come on a great deal compared to Week 1. There is no longer much confusion pre-snap. He's able to get the play quickly, communicate with his teammates, and see what's transpiring on the defensive side of things to potentially make adjustments.

Not only this, but Young looks a lot more comfortable in the pocket these days. There are times when he gets himself into tricky situations with suspect footwork. Aside from that, there are noticeable improvements when it comes to keeping his eyes downfield, knowing when to get out on the run, and throwing the football away when required.

That might seem like much, but it's a core component of making smart decisions. Once Young figures out other problematic areas - some of which we've discussed previously - better days will be ahead.

For once this season, Carolina's defense didn't live up to its end of the bargain. The Panthers have rarely put together a clean game in all three phases this season. Something that must be rectified as a matter of urgency by the new regime.