4 major observations from Bryce Young's performance at the Saints in Week 14

How did QB1 fare against another division rival?

Bryce Young
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What were some major observations from Carolina Panthers quarterback Bryce Young's performance at the New Orleans Saints in Week 14?

Bryce Young is amid a baptism of fire. It's not the quarterback's fault things are spiraling completely out of control within the Carolina Panthers this season, but there is real urgency for a strong end to the campaign from the No. 1 overall selection.

The New Orleans Saints represented another difficult challenge for Young. While Dennis Allen's men might be struggling for consistency, their secondary remains one of the league's best in yards allowed. Nothing but exceptional execution would do as the Panthers sought their second win of a dismal 2023 campaign.

As it turned out, Young couldn't galvanize the Panthers' offense effectively. Despite the Saints failing to muster all that much themselves, they made big plays count down the stretch as Carolina fell to 1-12 on the season.

With this in mind, here are four major observations from Young's performance at the Saints in Week 14.

Bryce Young's weapons

You can't catch it for them.

Bryce Young's pass-catchers have let him down this season. This became prevalent once again with several key drops in critical moments versus a New Orleans Saints secondary renowned for not giving much away.

There's nothing more Young can do besides walking it downfield and handing it to them. Their lackluster production in Week 14 is another glaring indicator of a complete revamp urgently needed at wide receiver and tight end during the offseason.